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This week’s Makeover Monday sparked an interesting conversation around sketching a viz before/during a build. I can’t draw, so I typically never sketch, but it seems that many others find this an invaluable part of their process. Here is a quick look into the conversation and a high speed video of my entire build at the end.

Eva Murray tweeted a video of herself sketching out her viz, something I rarely do.

Seeing another’s process is always interesting to me, and Eva’s was a very detailed one. I tend to let the data draw the viz, but seeing Eva’s video made me curious about time savings when sketching.

This tweet definitely showed me that I am in the minority when it comes to sketching out a viz…

…but I wasn’t totally alone

In the end… there seems to be one common theme

Seems that everyone is in agreeance that you can’t sketch without knowing a little bit about your data first.

I think I’ll keep drawing with data and figure things out on the fly, but it was fun seeing how everyone else approaches the blank stare of an empty sheet! Here is my 40 minute build condensed into 2.5 minutes…Β this is how I draw.

Click the image below to go to the viz

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