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It’s Iron Viz season again, and for round two of the 2018 season, we are working with a health and wellness theme. This topic could be taken a variety of directions, and I for one am excited to see what the community does with it!

Health and wellness can mean different things to different people, to me it meant how do I keep myself healthy?

I’ve played basketball since I was probably 7 years old, and the gym near my house just recently remodeled their building to offer a basketball court.. I was ecstatic. I’d much rather run up and down the court to get my cardio, rather than running in place on a treadmill! Since I’ve played since such a young age, I’ve obviously had thoughts about being a pro, although I’ve always realized that would never happen.

Well guess what NBA, I know how to own your shiz… you have data on stats.nba.com, it’s mine. So while I may not be a very good basketball player, I am damn sure good at getting basketball data. Here is my entry for the health and wellness feeder competition: The 2017-18 NBA Finals* | If I were Kevin Durant. Also, I’ve recorded and uploaded a video about how the data was collected in Alteryx below the image, as well as some outtakes and supplementary videos.

Click image to go to interactive visualization

How to in Alteryx

 Free throw full sequence

Field goal full sequence

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