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Tableau Conference is soon upon us, and as per many others, I feel obligated to share my biggest conference secrets with you. How do you come away from such a large conference with new opinions, new skills, and new friends? Surely, it is an impossible task… if you make it one.

I’ve gone to three Tableau conferences, and have unlocked the secrets to coming away feeling fulfilled, recharged, and ready to show your data who is boss when you get back to work. Please stay with me until the end… this is going to be quite wordy.

What IS possible, NOT how to build the possible

Stop going to conference to learn how to Tableau, and start going to conference to learn how others Tableau. You can Google the hell out of everything after, and you’ll have access to all the conference materials later. Watch the hands-on stuff at your own pace later, get inspired in person.

Meet just one person that inspires you

You’ll never find a better way to catch Tableau fever than talking to someone who oozes passion about Tableau and data. Inspiration breeds inspiration… people like this will make you a better analyst, engineer, wrangler, etc.


SERIOUSLY, STOP WORKING, IT CAN WAIT. I die a little inside every time I see someone answering emails, on a conference call, working on a PowerPoint.. the list goes on. If you were just going to work the whole time, why the eff did you come? Your company sent you there to learn, not to work… you’ll never get ANYTHING out of Tableau Conference if you spend it the whole time working. Leave your computer in your hotel room and do the two things above… it might change your life, it did mine.

That’s it, I lied about the wordiness, but at this point I truly believe these are the three things you need to be aware of to enjoy and get value out of your conference experience.

See you there!

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