Out of the 50 states, 11 of those saw average in-state tuition and fees at public schools jump by an outlandish 20% increase or more within five years.

Louisiana is particularly of note, since the average tuition there increased by a jaw-dropping 52 percent in five years. Thats within the amount of time it takes for a freshman to graduate. That being said, it still has a fairly low average tuition, at only $7,870.

Perhaps it is time to go to school in Maine, which is the only state where the average in-state tuition for public four-year schools actually decreased.

Some of the best states on this list in terms of keeping low tuition are Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska.

Those living in Vermont and New Hampshire will pay the most, whereas locals in Wyoming pay the least by, on average, over $1,500.

One of the all-around worst states for in-state tuition may be Virginia which both has a high average price tag, $11,820, and increased that cost by 23 percent in five years.

The national average for public-school tuition increases is 13 percent, creating a very unstable financial situation for graduating high school seniors.